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Stormy weather

This evening’s high tide rides in on the wind to arrive with a crash at the sea wall. Salty spray bounces up and across the road, pattering the windows like rain.The thump of each wave hitting resonates through the ground, as though in competition with the machinery at work on the hill behind the house. The builders are running behind schedule. In a desperate bid to finish in time bright night lights have been brought in, overwhelming the light of the full moon shining down. What with wind and tide and machines, not much sleep will be achieved tonight.


Autumn in Scotland

Yesterday the tide was autumn to match the season. Glorious gold and burgundy highlighted the liquid silver of the sea as the tide swept in. On the far point the otter scurried about, silhouetted against the setting sun. The heron stood static, watching the light pour in.


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Welcome! Croeso!


Welcome to my blog… this will be a forum for exploring life over this coming year (and maybe longer). I’m at the start of a new year – a  year off, a year of relaxation, refreshment, creativity and fun. I won’t be blogging every day, but when I feel like it. I hope you enjoy reading it, and seeing some of the things I get up to!