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Cobwebs and peace


Wandering aimlessly, I turn down a quiet side street. Halfway down, a door stands open to welcome the world. I stroll past and glance in. Perched on a hard wooden chair, an elderly lady sits. Headscarf firmly tied, wrapped up against the breeze, enjoying the bright sun. Her eyes smile at me; I pause to greet her. Balanced on her knees lies a cushion with delicate white lace. Fine as cobweb, pinned down with carved wooden bobbins, spangled with glass beads. Her fingers nimbly twist and plait, creating beauty. Calm and peace and tranquility. It seems such a wonderful thing, to sit and breathe and be.

Three years ago or more, that was. Home from my journeying I vow to create such things. One day. Two years ago or so they were bought, the lace-making tools. They laid in the box, waiting for one day. Today, while the sun gleams silver on the sea, and the tide rolls the stones, one day finally arrives. I sit and create – not yet a work of art, of cobweb lace, glinting in the light – but a beginning of a journey. Calm and peace and tranquility – and a small piece of bobbin lace to remind me – to sit and breathe and be.


Author: iggandfriends

Taking time out to ponder life and everything else. This is the space where I press the pause button on my busy life to reconnect with God, to re-energize, and focus on my creativity. Time out to blow bubbles, walk on the beach, write some stuff, do some needlework, and generally enjoy life once again. You can view my main blog at www.iggandfriends.wordpress.com. I also have another blog at www,faithinthehome.wordpress.com, and a arty/crafty one at http://52weeksofcreations.wordpress.com/. I hope you enjoy visiting :)

11 thoughts on “Cobwebs and peace

  1. Cobwebs and Peace

    Aged hands, gently weave, sat on hard-backed chair,
    practised hands create cobwebbed beauty.
    Scarfed tied firmly against the gentle cold,
    Her bright-life filled eyes smile through olive-skinned face,
    The lace her fingers create weave through her life,
    A memory of peace-filled longing for a simpler time,
    To simply be.

    Carved wooden bobbins hold the fine cobweb in place,
    The anchors of a life, thin and beautiful,
    Searching for a pattern in maddened day to day,
    That the fingers gently knit,
    The divine beauty only truly visible,
    When you are left to simply be.

    Years pass, and this Aged-memory comes,
    A part of the journey in the cobweb of life and place.
    Tools laid in a box waiting for one day, one time
    When the sun shines silver, and tide turns,
    A young woman’s fingers begin to gently knit,
    Searching for that divine beauty,
    Seeking to simply be.

    ~Phil Bettinson – 5 Nov 2012. Inspired by Cobwebs and Peace.

    I read this peace, and was inspired to write the above, so I leave it here for your perusal.

  2. Happy to meet you, Igga&… I too like to watch such goings on.

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  4. It took me several years after an early retirement for all the creative energy to flow and surprise me! The joy of every day, nature, the rose, the butterfly & bee! So happy you are finding this too! Anything that causes you to sit and create, rather than just absorb, like say reading, seems to tap into these inner resources. Look forward to exploring your interesting blog.

  5. What a lovely post, Igg. Wish you well with your creations.

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