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Barnacles and musings


late winter sunset

Perched on a barnacle-covered rock, I gaze out at the view. Sun slowly sinking into the sea, leaving behind hints of gold and silver rolling on the waves. Cloud studded sky with bright blue behind, reflected in the pools.

There are days I wonder when I will wake up from the dream. When I will suddenly find myself back in my old life, with myriad things to do, endless lists…. the hamster on its wheel! It is difficult not to look back on then, and think ‘I would be (should be) doing ‘ … or ‘who did they get to climb the ladder and decorate the top of the 20 foot Christmas tree this year?’ Life was extremely busy – but also fun, when I had time to think about it. I am trying not to look back too much, to what was – and what is, without me. I am enjoying the present moment. Don’t get me wrong. Life here is certainly not perfect! With three radically different personalities living in one household, two of whom are my parents, that would be extremely unlikely. After 20 years of living apart, we are all used to our own space, to the rhythm of our own lives. Adapting to each other is interesting at times. Yet this is now and I am here. Despite the inevitable tensions, there is a lingering peace in my heart and soul. The still voice that says – this is right. This is now. Enjoy. The secret bubble that lies within.

After a while, the barnacles become uncomfortable. The sun sinks deeper, dazzling my eyes. The temperature starts to drop. I wend my way home along the shore, turning over seaweed. Calm reigns for now. Not head-spinning laughter, or despairing distress, but calm and quiet. Content. A good place to be.



Author: iggandfriends

Taking time out to ponder life and everything else. This is the space where I press the pause button on my busy life to reconnect with God, to re-energize, and focus on my creativity. Time out to blow bubbles, walk on the beach, write some stuff, do some needlework, and generally enjoy life once again. You can view my main blog at www.iggandfriends.wordpress.com. I also have another blog at www,faithinthehome.wordpress.com, and a arty/crafty one at http://52weeksofcreations.wordpress.com/. I hope you enjoy visiting :)

12 thoughts on “Barnacles and musings

  1. Lovely x

  2. Nice photo and beautiful thoughts. 🙂

  3. a nice slow reflective pace…well that’s how I read it 🙂

  4. Agreed–a good place to be.

  5. Funny that you should say about the 20 ft Christmas Tree ours for Church has been delivered and I am about to ask that question of the other warden ,,, his job assisted by his now grown up children ,,, I’m a bit on the short side ,,, 5ft nothing …

  6. The joys of Christmas in church! I was the only person not afraid of heights – or rather, not afraid of clinging one-handed to a ladder 20ft up in the air while my colleagues throw baubles and tinsels up, expecting me to catch and then decorate with them… was quite good fun!

  7. I tried to leave a comment on your most recent post but there was no post commnet box to click on! Of course I loved it as I do all your posts!

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