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Lichen festoons the tree

Nature’s bunting

Grey green lace on mossed branch

Roots firmly planted

Fronds reaching out

Extending a welcome

To wait and be


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Leaves cling trembling to the branches

Quivering in the breeze

Flame bright in the sunshine

Poised for the next adventure

Waiting for the wind

To release them

On their journey into the new

Sailing on the air

To an unknown destination



Tatties and blackbirds

The autumn sun emerges from behind the clouds

Sending shafts of sunlight to play in the garden

While the dry patch lasts

I head into the garden

To harvest the last of the tatties

They emerge from the ground

Precious jewels of the earth

Tumbled into the bucket

I stand

Admiring God’s work

And in a tree

A blackbird starts to sing.



NB : For those who aren’t used to English slang – ‘tatties’ are another word for potatoes.

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Cold wind and warm fire

Bonfire night brought the cold wind with it. We huffed our way to the bonfire, steam puffing out like little dragons. Hats, gloves and scarves brought into use. Stood stomping our feet on the grass, attempting to restore feeling. Hands firmly tucked into pockets, huddled against the chill. Oohed and aahed at the explosion of light and sound above. Then, warmed by the chatter, we headed for home, and the heat of the fire.