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Tatties and blackbirds

The autumn sun emerges from behind the clouds

Sending shafts of sunlight to play in the garden

While the dry patch lasts

I head into the garden

To harvest the last of the tatties

They emerge from the ground

Precious jewels of the earth

Tumbled into the bucket

I stand

Admiring God’s work

And in a tree

A blackbird starts to sing.



NB : For those who aren’t used to English slang – ‘tatties’ are another word for potatoes.


Woodland Symphony

Sat on a log

Listening to the quiet

Breeze lifting the leaves into a rustling dance

Sound of a pheasant calling in the distance

Water ripples along, hidden from view

Insects buzz past, on a secret mission

And in the tree above

A blackbird sings in celebration




Caterpillars and dunlin

The wind is behind the tide today. It rises up the beach, riding high onto the shore. Seaweed tumbles in on the waves, rolling into large caterpillars along the water’s edge. A flock of dunlin perch, absorbed in rummaging for the next tasty morsel.¬† Slowly I move closer. And closer. Timing my steps to the crash of the sea. Grandmothers footsteps writ large. A sudden move and off they go. Flashes of black and white, curved scimitars skimming their way along the strand.


For more info on dunlin, check out this link. Lovely little birds.


Silver sun and rainbow cloud

Silver sun played across the sea today, chasing waves with shimmering light. The seagulls whirled and skirled in celebration, dancing in the gentle breeze. Out at sea a gannet dives, black silhouette against the brightness. And above a cloud shares its rainbow, rejoicing in the summer’s eve.


cloud rainbow


Buttercups and birdsong

The mist over the lake rises with the sun this morning. Herald of a hot day. The flowers trumpet the warmth of spring. Buttercups open to the light, glowing golden. A butterfly briefly rests on the grass, wings outspread. The reed beds are full of birdsong, a celebration of life. Mountains rise to cloudless blue sky, and a meadow pipit spirals up to join them.




Sand crunches quietly under my feet. The sea ripples in the distance. The world seems subdued under a layer of thin drizzle. Rockstrewn strand is covered with bladderwrack. The colours are muted today. A flash of white catches my eye. An unexpected movement where there was stillness. I look  more closely. Nothing. Focus in closer. Another flicker. There. Can you see it? Watching?



On guard

Camouflaged against the rocks, the heron stands. Motionless. Studying the water. A twig snaps under my feet. Instantly he is alert. Head raised. I freeze. Hardly breathing. In two minds, he spreads his wings. A moment of decision. He tucks them back behind him, hunching over to stare again at the sea. Slowly I let out my breath. We return to our watch.