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15th January 2021

Time for something completely different. Anster, Fellstone, Kirkham’s Lancashire, Hafod, Sparkenhoe Vintage, Sparkenhoe Blue… the names trip off the tongue like a musical tour of the British Isles. Indeed, it is. In cheese. A zoom cheese tasting, cheese arriving through the post, packaged in wax paper, well cushioned and chilled. Cheese speaks of the geography of Britain, different types from different regions. Anster is creamy and crumbly; Fellstone more mellow in character. Kirkham’s is wonderful, a buttery, smooth, taste that soothes. Hafod is harder and harsher, while Sparkenhoe Vintage tangs on the tongue. The blue is a blue, with that unforgettable taste. We taste and taste, savour the textures, learn the reasons, listen to the tales. An experience to be repeated.

NB for those who are interested, we did an online zoom cheese tasting with Andy Swinscoe from the Courtyard Dairy, near Settle (www.thecourtyarddairy.co.uk). We can thoroughly recommend it.