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Restless run and resting swans

Restless within, I rise early. An icy morning dawns outside. Wrapped up well, I go for a run. The tide is ebbing, leaving behind a wake of seaweed. Oyster catchers are up early, searching for food. A gull wheels overhead, seeking the sun.  By the stream that flows to the sea, two swans are roosting. Heads tucked well down, protected against the cold. I saw them yesterday, making their way along the bay. Fighting against the waves, they came into the shore. Here they are welcome. Here, in this place, they have found rest from the winters storm. Rest for mind and soul. Restless no more, I head home, my place of rest reached.

Swans on the sea

‘Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds rest in thee.’ St Augustine

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Lamp-posts and gulls

Today’s run turned into a lamp-post jog. Fix my eyes on the next target,  run a certain number of lamp-posts, walk till the next. Repeat. There really aren’t that many lamp-posts in this little village. I pass about 20, on the usual route. And when they run out, I aim for clumps of grass… puddles … rocks on the shoreline… that little patch of sand… oh look at that… ah yes. A slight hitch in my rhythm. Not really a problem. More a delight – the sea is there. A constant companion on my journey. Some days, the salt-spray coats my face. Rain comes horizontally at me. The wind almost knocks me off my feet. Gusts snatch my breath. I speed up, trying to get it over with. My thermal running gear, new beanie and running gloves have been well and truly christened the last few days. But this day… today could not be rushed. Waves rolling stones at the edge of hearing. Gulls soaring overhead. The flash of dunlins as the flock flitted by. The light shifts and changes over the water as I watch. Molten silver rolls in on the ocean waves. Sometimes, speed is not important. Sometimes you just have to pause and gaze in wonder. Live in that moment, and hold it in your heart.

Be still, and know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10

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Bare branches and yellow holly


An early morning run in the half-light. Bare branches outlined against brightening sky.  The robin trills, invisible in the shadows. A pheasant makes his presence known. The forgotten hill slows me. Pausing, I breathe, stretching out the moment. The world is poised, ready to turn the corner into day. Heading back for breakfast, a tree summons me, a bright flare of colour. I stop and wonder. Dark green holly contrasts with vivid leaves. Yellow flowers beckoning in the autumn sun.