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3rd February

The drive home last night was not pleasant. The snow hit my windscreen, a kaleidoscope of whirling white in the headlights. The snowploughs had been and gone, and the snow seemed to be winning the battle. Not far now. A glow in the sky marks home. Onwards, in a silent swirling world. This morning the car is covered with an icy blanket, and the entrance to the drive has been blocked by the plough. A plea for help, and the cavalry arrives, clearing a path to the road.

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1st February 2021

I sit on the floor, a rainbow surrounding me. Silk and satin, cotton, tweed, fleece and denim. A feast for the eyes. The differing textures feed my soul, from soft and flowing to rough under my finger tips. Slowly the scattered piles are sorted and organised, trailing threads over the carpet. Gold, silver, red, blue, glittering in the lamplight.

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Two-toned leaves

The world is dripping, a slow incessant beat which drums on my head as I walk. Squelching along the track. Splashing through puddles, mud-skipping as I go. There lies a jewel of autumn, a two-toned leaf. Cradled in the damp moss, colours gleaming in the rain light. A reward for the walk; a treasure to savour.



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Autumn rainbow

Autumn arrived on a gust today. Weather swinging from sunshine to showers and back again. A rainbow arcs over the house, colours bright against the glowering sky. I dash out between showers, trying to beat the rain. Race home through the raindrops, splashing in puddles. And rest in the changing times.


Conkers in the sunshine

This lunchtime I seized the chance. Went out into the autumn sunshine, and strolled through the castle park, sun warm on my face. There a horse chestnut tree stands, proudly bearing its treasure. And on the ground, nestled in the long grass, a conker glows russet brown. I cradle it in my palm, caress the silky smooth surface. Wander back to work, taking with me the memory of warmth; of sunshine and glowing colours; of pausing time to treasure.


New Year

New Year’s Day passes in a blur..  faces… food… fireworks… services… and dancing. A whirling, spinning beginning. Dashing White Sergeant, Gay Gordon, Boston Two-step, Eightsome Reel, Strip the Willow, Highland Schottische, The Waves of Torry. Outside the snow whirls and twirls in harmony, leaving a carpet of white on the ground. We step out into quiet and calm ; breathe in the air. Footsteps crunch as we walk home. Clear skies and bright stars overhead. A melody for the New Year.


Change of Scene

Different place, different time… I’ve been in my new post for 3 months now, and am slowly adjusting to the place, the people, and being back in full-time ministry. To the nitty-gritty of church life, where there are the usual challenges. Too few people doing too much, some wanting change, others wanting things to remain the same. Financial issues. Building problems.  But where there are the usual joys, of praying, loving people. Of being in a community of faith which is striving to seek the will of God.

The mountains are higher up here, snow dusted even at this time of years. The nearby loch is still surrounded by wind-bleached grass. Deer come down into the glen to graze on the spring growth. A time of new beginnings, of exploration, of adventure.




Grey upon grey

Grey layered upon grey today. The sea blends almost seamlessly into the horizon. Only the waves show the border between heaven and earth. Thick clouds mirrored in dark water, raindrops providing their own miniature ripples. A flock of dunlins flits past at speed, heading for shelter. Dark shapes in silhouette against steel sky.