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Copyright and things

Ok, so here’s the technical bit : All original photographs and written material are © 2012 Vittoria Hancock. I’d love for you to link back to me, but please do not copy or take content from this blog without permission.  Please scroll down for my copyright terms and conditions. Thank you for visiting!

All written material and original photographs on this website are © 2012 Vittoria Hancock
If you would like to re-post one of my images, please send me an email and wait for me to get back to you with permission and a watermarked version of the image.   I am usually more than happy to allow others to share pictures of my crafts and recipes, within reason, linking back to my original posts.
Please feel free to pin images from my blogs to Pinterest, but do be careful to link back to the original post.
You may bookmark or print my blog posts (and/or images) for personal reference.
If you post about one of my ideas, please be kind enough to link back to me.   Please do not link directly to any of my files on Scribd, rather link directly to my original post.
My ideas are not to be used for profit, and are meant for personal use by individuals, families, and teachers.
If you have any other questions that I have not addressed, please send me an email and I will do my best to get back to you when I have a chance.
Remember, taking original photographs without permission (whether it is modified or not) does violate copyright laws and is considered stealing.

7 thoughts on “Copyright and things

  1. May I copy basic info on copyright issues? I like the way you have presented this and would like to include something like this on my own site. Thank you.

  2. I have belatedly added a linkt o you on my links page on Sue’s considered trifles Also blogging from A to Z in April Sue’s Trifles

  3. Hi Vittoria. Could our small voluntary local historical society (Moycullen Historical Society) please use one of your photos in an article on our webpage, of course with the appropriate reference and link to your original. The photo in question is the one on Toast on the open fire. Many thanks.

  4. Hi Vittoria. I’m writing a family history document as a retirement project. I would like to use your photo of Open Fires and Toasting Forks (Nov, 2012) to illustrate how we made toast. My document won’t be posted on the Internet or on social media, and it won’t be published for any gain. I will make a few printed copies for family reference. I would appreciate your permission to use your photo in my document, with credit to you, of course. I’m more likely to notice your reply if you send me an email.
    Sincerely, Murray

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