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Cows and brambles

Up the lane, between the fields. The cows gaze at us inquisitively over the gate, long lashes skimming brown eyes. The hedgerows are laden with berries, glowing amongst the thorns. The late summer sun warms our backs as we pick, stretching to collect best of the crop. Until, bags full and hands stained purple, we head homewards. Dreaming of bramble jelly and drop scones.



Been a slow couple of weeks as I continue to recover. Health gradually improving but not back to normal just yet. Getting there, though 🙂


Cherry scones and warm feet

The coldest day of the year so far. Breath visible on the icy air, we hurry home . The log fire is primed, ready to toast ourselves in the warmth. Gradually defrosting fingers and toes. A pot of tea. Warm cherry scones, with a dollop of bramble jam. An old, familiar book to hand. Comfort food to cheer body and soul.

home-made scones