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Old lace and dawn dew

old lace

Bleached reeds, fragile and delicate as old lace,  rustling in the early breeze. Emerald green shines behind, short winter grass poking through. A band of stones glimmers silver, dawn dew glistening. Seaweed covered rocks shine black in contrast. Indigo sea is reached, flecked with white. Winter sky, banded with cloud. Layer upon layer of delight.


Otters at dawn

The day shimmers its way into being.

A dawning of pastel tones

As night slowly blends into day

The sea glows with clear light

Paused on the height of the tide


There in the shallows

A moving shadow

Dark brown head

Elegant tail flips up

The otter disappears

Ripples spread across still water

Pause for a breath

The head emerges

Long body following

Rolling on to its back

Otter at rest in the dawn light

otter dawn

No picture of an otter, I’m afraid. I was too busy watching. But this was this mornings dawn, after the otter had gone home to bed!

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Black ice and seed pods

A morning walk in the predawn light. Black ice is underfoot as I slither along. Puddles frozen over, miniature skating rinks for the birds. With a splash I step through. Marram grass decorated with spikes of frost, crunching under boots. The blush of dawn creeps over the horizon, a subtle rainbow in reverse. Empty seed-heads stand proud against the winter chill. Their job done, now is time to rest.

seed head silhouette

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Bare branches and yellow holly


An early morning run in the half-light. Bare branches outlined against brightening sky.  The robin trills, invisible in the shadows. A pheasant makes his presence known. The forgotten hill slows me. Pausing, I breathe, stretching out the moment. The world is poised, ready to turn the corner into day. Heading back for breakfast, a tree summons me, a bright flare of colour. I stop and wonder. Dark green holly contrasts with vivid leaves. Yellow flowers beckoning in the autumn sun.