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Caterpillars and dunlin

The wind is behind the tide today. It rises up the beach, riding high onto the shore. Seaweed tumbles in on the waves, rolling into large caterpillars along the water’s edge. A flock of dunlin perch, absorbed in rummaging for the next tasty morsel.¬† Slowly I move closer. And closer. Timing my steps to the crash of the sea. Grandmothers footsteps writ large. A sudden move and off they go. Flashes of black and white, curved scimitars skimming their way along the strand.


For more info on dunlin, check out this link. Lovely little birds.


Fog banks and flotillas

A bank of fog hovers  at the edge of vision, rolling shorewards. The tide is fully in this lunchtime. A flotilla of gulls rest on the edge of the sea, bobbling gently up and down with the waves. A lone bird sits on an isolated rock, watching the world go by. Oyster-catchers nose through the pile of seaweed. Up on the tide-line, dunlins chatter quietly to each other. Perched on a boulder, I turn my face to the sun and bask in its gentle warmth.

lone gull

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Sea song and sound bites

Yesterday’s blue is hidden under thick cloud. Steel grey ocean reflects the sky. Eyes closed, I listen. Waves curl towards the shore, hitting the seawall with a gentle thud. Stones roll under the water’s wake as it pulls back. Wind whistles along the tideline, summoning the birds. Somewhere a dunlin replies, a chirruping call. The oyster-catcher shouts a warning, and the gull screams on its way past. The world drips, gently feeding the ocean. Time turns, and the cycle is complete.