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Scallop shells

Walk along the beach.

Tide riding into shore on the wind.

Waves playing.

The shingle rumbles.

Sand crunches.

Such activity.

There, lying tumbled,

A scallop shell lies.

Orange white, firm ridges.

The pilgrim shell of long ago.

Cradle it in your hands.


This time is pilgrimage.

Like the traveler of old

Headed to a strange place

Savour the journey.

Value each step.

Be in this place

Listen to the song of the journey

Step into lands unknown.

scallop shell

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Bags packed the night before

I rise in the dawning light

A brightening glow filling the sky

The sea pearly blue

Mist hovering over the water

The road lies ahead

Waiting to be tackled

A long drive into the day

I pray

‘I bind unto myself today …’

God within me

God around me

God protect me

God be with those I love

This day and always