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Aeroplanes and angels


The Great Orme lies basking in the sunshine today. Blue skies reach far into the heavens. We sit overlooking the bay, perched on a convenient rock. A perfect vantage point for the airshow. The lifeboat chugs out into the sea below. A dull throbbing gets louder and louder until, round the Orme’s head, the rescue helicopter appears. Circling,¬† retrieving, lowering, circling again. Under the hovering vanes, the water ripples outwards, driven by the downdraft. Practice. Perfect. A break now. We lean back against sun-warmed stones, feel the heat on our faces, munch on the sandwiches, and switch off. A Spitfire and Hurrricane perform acrobatics above, dizzying loops, spins and flips. Then the finale. Out they jump, in strict formation. Canopies open, red, white, blue, against the sky. Spiraling down and round, patterns in the air. Perfectly¬† timed, they come to land on the beach. A round of applause. Then homeward bound. An evening spent on the patio. Laughter. Joy. Memories. Photos. An angel appears – can you see it?


NB: A wonderful day watching the air display, the highlight of which was the display by the Falcons, the RAF parachute display team