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Silver sun and rainbow cloud

Silver sun played across the sea today, chasing waves with shimmering light. The seagulls whirled and skirled in celebration, dancing in the gentle breeze. Out at sea a gannet dives, black silhouette against the brightness. And above a cloud shares its rainbow, rejoicing in the summer’s eve.


cloud rainbow


Weather watching

A bright sunshine-filled dawn this morning. Washing flapps on the line in the warmth. Blue skies reflected in sea. Beautiful. Sitting in the window, I watch as the rising wind whips the waves. Froth topped, riding into the shore. Beyond, the Mull slowly disappears under a bank of dark cloud. Shafts of rain highlighted against the sunshine. Then it arrives. An abrupt squall leads from rain into hailstones, bouncing off cars and pavements. The wind blows and onwards it moves, leaving behind soggy washing on the line, and mud-stirred water in the bay. Out came the sun. And so the cycle begins. This evening a walk is snatched between showers. Balanced against the breeze,  I head towards the beach. Puddle-dodging along the way. Hail-spattered sand greets me, like the tracks of a strange creature. The waves are still riding high. And across the bay, another black mass approaches. Turning for home, the rainbow greets me. A fitting end to a rainbow day.

storm clouds


Boots and mermaids

yellow boot

A sea-blown coast greets me as I step outside. Treasures tangles in jumbled seaweed. Bright yellow boot, washed ashore. Waiting patiently for its companion to join the party. The mermaids have been shopping again, their purses emptied and tossed to one side. Parchment thin, translucent.  Weathered sea-glass lies on the surface of the sand, shining like an emerald in the sun. Satin smooth to touch. I cradle it in my palm, this gift from the sea. The sky drums down rain. The sun shines in melody. And above me dances a rainbow.

raimbow new years eve


Rainbows and promises

double rainbow

The rain makes mirrors of the pavements, reflecting the light. The sun prepares to descend in this winter world, readying himself for the new dawn. A double rainbow curves overhead, full of rich promises. Christmas Eve waits in hushed anticipation, sparkling into the night.

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Look, the young woman is with child and shall bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14

Merry Christmas! Nadolig Llawen! God Jul! Buon Natale! Frohliche Weihnacthen! Prettige Kerstmis! Crăciun fericit! I’m sure you get the message. Have a wonderful and blessed time.


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Opposites attract

The weather this  morning was appalling. Gone were the plans to go for a stroll. Instead we stayed inside, all occupied with our own pursuits. It made me ponder on how we react to situations, dependent on our mood and situation. So here is a parallel text.

Rain lashes at the window

Sun peeps from behind the clouds      /         The sun is in hiding

Somewhere there must be a rainbow        /        Struggling to fight through

             I huddle inside         /       I hide inside

                    Protected from the weather       /      Retreating from the weather

              Warm and cosy     /     Feeling trapped

           Listening to the wind       /      Listening to the wind

                Chime music in my ear        /       Howl around the building

Absorbed in my crochet      /       Busying my hands

                The time passes        /        The time crawls by

Until at last I stir and stretch   /    Until at last I rise

Having weathered the storm

The weather cheered up after lunch. We went ten-pin bowling. Admired the rainbow over the estuary. And this evening I played with some crochet, completing yet another angel, plus a star and a bauble. The day was completed with homemade damson gin and some chocolate. A good time.


Jewelled grass and emerald fields

Wrapped up warmly, I venture outside, into the teeth of the wind. Jewelled raindrops decorate the grass, adorning stems like diamonds. The sun shines through a window in the clouds. Bright patches of light highlight the cliffs, bringing into sharp focus the copper and brown of autumn. Fields gleam emerald green in the warmth. The rain starts again, blown by the breeze. I turn, and there, arched over the hills, is a rainbow, glowing against the storm clouds. Stop and stare until, face numbed by cold, I head for home. Sat on the window seat, I watch as the squall approaches. Closer and closer, until the water lashes at the glass. Inside, snug and warm, I drink my tea, and look, and ponder.