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Fragility and strength

The gale hit last night. Rattling doors and windows, whistling through cracks. Furious winds whipping waves up into a frenzy. Yet by dawn blue skies had appeared, clouds blowing onwards to the east. My morning stroll brought the sight of bladder-wrack and kelp piled high, debris churned up from the ocean floor. Rockpools muddied and sullied by sand. Tangled on the shoreline a few unfortunate fish lay, victims of the storm. Yet on top of the seaweed a fragile white globe lay, cradled gently. A fragile sea potato shell had somehow ridden in on the waves, coming to rest intact. Strength in the storm.

sea potato

NB – a sea potato is a type of sea urchin – Echinocardium cordatum. Their shells are incredibly fragile and it’s quite rare to find one intact. For a closer look, check out this post by Inish Boffin Crafts

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Silver frost and sea-potatoes

A cold day, barely stirring from the season’s frozen grip. Wrapping up warm, the freshly washed strand beckons me. I slither down the boat ramp on to the beach. On the sand, winter’s jewels shine in the late sun. Seaweed is silver with frost, and the rock-pools are solid again. Delicate patterns trace their way across the surface of the ice. Nestled on the kelp lies a small treasure. This morning’s gentle tide brought me a gift. An intact sea-potato, carried in on gossamer touch.


silver seaweed