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Warm winds and sunset seas

Shimmering seas merging into blue skies. A fishing boat seems to almost float in the air, the line between earth and heaven barely visible. The warm breath of wind brushes past, whispering a welcome. A curlew soars above, singing greetings. Content, I sit and watch as the sky slowly turns golden, turning my face to follow the light.






Driven by the wind, the waves rush into shore. Fingers of water stretching out over the sand. Searching. The night’s storm has birthed numerous small streams, running down the beach. Tiny rivulets heading across the shale. Homeward bound. Reunited with the incoming tide.



Seaside nursery

The rocks lie in the splash zone. Rarely completely covered at high tide. Dampened by the spray and the sea breeze. Hiding there, among the secret crevices and cracks, is the nursery. Hundreds of tiny sea snails, waiting for the right moment to leave their secure home and venture out into the wide ocean.

shell nursery


NB the finger is my little finger – for an idea of scale, it is less than 8mm wide! Yes, I have little hands.


Otter weather

Golden sun sets in blue skies, amber path lighting a way across the sea. Frosty weather means clear heavens – already the first stars are starting to blink into life above. The ocean ripples into land, silken waves gently rolling over the rocks.. Among the troughs of water, clumps of seaweed bob up and down. Somewhere out there the otter is hunting his dinner. No sign of him this evening. But this is perfect otter weather. Time to sit, and watch and be.



Mussels and sunshine.

The water’s ebb exposes mudflats. Dotted with mussels, purple blue in the light. Razor shells lie on the surface of the mud, pearl white inside. Clouds scud across the blue sky, reflected in the sea. A gentle breeze bobs the boats up anddown. Beyond the harbour rears the Great Orme, basking in the winter sunlight. A leisurely afternoon.

Conwy harbour