Life, crafty stuff, long walks, thoughts, and little oddities.


Waves and horses

Chestnut coat. Long tail swishing from side to side. With mincing steps the horse slowly approaches the sea. Ears twitching. Flaring nostrils. And stops. Waiting. Then a turn, and back up the slope. Slow clip-clop along the road. Homewards bound.





Fog banks and flotillas

A bank of fog hoversĀ  at the edge of vision, rolling shorewards. The tide is fully in this lunchtime. A flotilla of gulls rest on the edge of the sea, bobbling gently up and down with the waves. A lone bird sits on an isolated rock, watching the world go by. Oyster-catchers nose through the pile of seaweed. Up on the tide-line, dunlins chatter quietly to each other. Perched on a boulder, I turn my face to the sun and bask in its gentle warmth.

lone gull