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Almost imperceptibly, the garden wakes to greet the rising sun. From the tight clenched night-time bud emerges a new beauty. Slowly, very slowly, one by one, the petals open up. Unfurling in the light. Vulnerable. Hot red radiating out from the core. The sun travels onwards, moving across the garden. There the face of the flower rotates, blossoms under its touch. Centred on the source of light. The heart of life. Until, fully open, it worships with unveiled face.



Awaken the dawn

In the early morn

When the waiting seems so long

And the darkness empty

I watch the horizon

Listen to the awakening

The songs of birds




The first light

Brushes the sky

The sun rises

from death’s dark night

into the beginning of a new day

The dawn of life

easter sun

Alleluia! Christ is risen!


Cold dawns and fresh awakening

A cold morning today. Diamond frost scintillates in the low light. Breath billowing out in clouds. Chill in the air. But a beautiful dawning. Gentle rush of the waves,and cry of a gull. Colours enhanced in the clear air. Snowy headlands merge into blushing sea. A fresh awakening.

blushing sea



Otters at dawn

The day shimmers its way into being.

A dawning of pastel tones

As night slowly blends into day

The sea glows with clear light

Paused on the height of the tide


There in the shallows

A moving shadow

Dark brown head

Elegant tail flips up

The otter disappears

Ripples spread across still water

Pause for a breath

The head emerges

Long body following

Rolling on to its back

Otter at rest in the dawn light

otter dawn

No picture of an otter, I’m afraid. I was too busy watching. But this was this mornings dawn, after the otter had gone home to bed!