Life, crafty stuff, long walks, thoughts, and little oddities.


Shelter and sheepfold

Sheltered from the wind I sit. Propped against the walls of the old sheepfold. Stones warm against my back. In front, the waves roll in across the bay. The hills of Jura are visible in the distance, shadows on the horizon. I close my eyes. Rest in the sun. And let the day wind onwards. At peace.



On guard

Camouflaged against the rocks, the heron stands. Motionless. Studying the water. A twig snaps under my feet. Instantly he is alert. Head raised. I freeze. Hardly breathing. In two minds, he spreads his wings. A moment of decision. He tucks them back behind him, hunching over to stare again at the sea. Slowly I let out my breath. We return to our watch.



Final rest

She lies at rest. All work is over, many years ago. Watches the seabirds soar and swoop. Listens to the sound of the tide. Dreams of the past, when once she sailed through life. Here is her harbour, this quiet place on the shore. Here she returns to the elements.


NB up in the Hebrides on the island of Mull for a fortnight, so some different scenery for you to enjoy 🙂